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Quality Clauses

GENERAL REQUIREMENTSThese codes do not supersede, but supplement the standing requirements that:
  • Certifications of Compliance/Conformance are required.
  • Product will be packaged and handled sufficiently to prevent damage or corruption.
  • The supplier will warrant its materials and workmanship for a suitable period.
  • Paperwork accompanying the material will reference C&M Spring Purchase Order; invoices must reference the Purchase Order as well.
  • When requested, the supplier shall grant C&M Spring personnel, C&M Spring’s customers and applicable regulatory authorities the “Right of Access” of the all areas of the facility(ies), including records related to contractual requirements.
  • Supplier is responsible to verify and demonstrate compliance to all contract requirements including work performed by sub-tier contractors.
  • Supplier is responsible for obtaining copies of Industry, National, International, Federal, US Government and all other documents applicable to and considered part of contract requirements.
  • The supplier shall implement and maintain a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C or equivalent system for their industry.
  • The supplier will notify C&M Spring prior to the shipment of any material or product that has been given a disposition of "repair" or "use as is" by the supplier's Material Review Board.
  • Supplier shall notify C&M Spring of any changes in material (e.g. grade of material) or product structure (e.g. Bills of Material) or processes (e.g. routings or heat treating) that significantly differ from the structure or processes used to manufacture the material or product used in the qualification tests.
  • Supplier shall retain appropriate records, certificates of compliance and test reports for 11 years from date of shipment.
7.4.0-04 Rev NC
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